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Donald Martin was born April 8th 1960 in Anderson SC....He was a very loved man.  He was married to wife Julie and worked for Michelin North America for 25 years.  His passion was family and he loved to ride his motorcycle.  He was one of the best people that you could have ever met.  No one was a stranger to him.  He had 3 nephews that he loved like his own.  He was a wonderful father figure for them.  He was loved by everyone so much.  The lose of him was so sudden that no one could belive it.  That day a great man was taken away from us all.  A lot of hearts were broke and a lot of tears have fallen.  We miss him so much and wish he was still here but we know that he is in gods hands now.  If tears and broken hearts could bring him back...he would be here.  His wife Julie is holding strong and has a lot of support helping her, but nothing or no one will ever take his place.  We all miss you Don and you will always be in our hearts forever.  Watch down on us all and remember we will all be together one day.  Rest in Peace Dear Don.  We all Love You, Very Much. 

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happybirthday  / Julie Martin (wife)
happy birthday my love.
love you   / Julie Martin (wife)
its been 2 years i love you sweetheart   / Julie Martin (wife)
Your pictures are in frames, memories on my wall,
To have you here again, I would give them all.
A picture cannot capture, the beauty of your skin,
Or the radiating glow I'd feel, whenever you would grin.
They cannot talk or s...  Continue >>
love u   / Julie Martin (wife)
hi sweetheart i miss u so much hurts all over again just like it just happen this week has been bad u have been on my mine just wish i could see your face don will the hurt ever go away you was my life how do i  go on with out u here i sit and l...  Continue >>
happy birthday my darling i love you so much   / Julie Martin (wife)
love you  / Julie Martin (wife)    Read >>
Christmas From Heaven  / Julie Martin (wife)    Read >>
i do  / Julie Martin (wife)    Read >>
if i only knew  / Julie Martin (wife)    Read >>
merry chritmas uncle don we love you  / Brian, Brad ,. Preston Jordan     Read >>
merry christmas my darling my first christmas without you miss you so much  / Julie Martin (wife)    Read >>
christmas / Julie Martin (wife)    Read >>
BEST FRIEND  / Larry Starnes (uncle)    Read >>
miss you  / Julie Martin (wife)    Read >>
i love you don  / Julie Martin (wife)    Read >>
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